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Fortune & Associates was founded in October 2003 by Dr. Rex Fortune to help close the academic achievement gap among minority school kids with research-based books, videos and training for educators and parents. Dr. Rex Fortune has an ongoing interest in producing new educational tools that will help school administrators, parents and teachers to become more effective in helping low achieving children to succeed academically.

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Shopify eCommerce Storefront for Fortune & Associates

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Fortune & Associates partnered with Capitol Tech Solutions to design and create an eCommerce website. The website was designed to market and sell an assortment of research-based books and videos to train both educators and parents on bridging the achievement gap.

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Fortune & Associates, a company devoted to improving educational success of minority children seeks an eCommerce website to both Market and Sell their educational resource library

Dr. Rex Fortune of Fortune & Associates received a Ph.D from Stanford and was a high school teacher, school site administrator and associate superintendent of public instruction in the California State Department of Education for 11 years. Dr. Fortune was also superintendent of Inglewood Unified School District for five years, and superintendent of Center Unified School District for 15 years before he retired from the Center in 2003. Dr. Fortune founded Fortune & Associates on October 2003 to close the academic achievement gap among minority school kids with research-based books, videos and training for both educators and parents. Dr. Rex Fortune and his associates developed a library of educational books, videos and training for educators and parents but didn't have an efficient way for his customers to gain access to the resources Fortune & Associates offer.

The Fortune & Associates team began to search for a web-based solution that would not only help people find their resource library but also give them access to it with a quick transaction. Their searching lead them to Capitol Tech Solutions. In our discussions leading up to the website development the client communicated their desire to have a website that would not only be a marketing platform but also have a sales component. The client's previous website did support eCommerce, but the design of the website did not encourage users to purchase items. As official Shopify experts we realized we could design and develop a Shopify website that would satisfy all our client's needs.

Through our discussion of the client's needs we devised the project goal to create a Shopify website that would better represent Fortune & Associates and their resource library. We also wanted to improve the ecommerce functionality provided with their previous site by allowing users to purchase books and videos with only three clicks of a mouse.

Bridging the gap between educational resources and online accessibility

The existing Fortune & Associates website provided our design and development team with the initial starting place for the project while also highlighting some key areas for improvement. Some of the obvious visual issues with the previous website was the crowding of items for sale and excess dead space throughout the website. Utilizing the Shopify platform allowed the development team to create a much more appealing website design featuring distinct section headers, content and images structured to eliminate unnecessary dead space and sections with educational resources available for purchase. Shopify also allows users with little website experience to continually update their website with updated products complete with images and descriptions.

Another issues the previous website was experiencing was their checkout process was not very user friendly making the online purchasing process cumbersome. The Shopify platform has a great user interface from putting an item into your shopping cart to completing the purchase Shopify makes the process simple. Shopify even makes processing credit card transaction easy on the merchant thanks to stripe, a third-party credit card processor that fully integrates with the Shopify interface and administration panel.

The streamlining of Fortune & Associates purchasable resources selection and purchase process has decreased the time between selection and completed transaction as well as dropped the number of abandoned carts.

Designing and developing a website with an intuitive user interface and improved functionality

The Digital marketing team created and executed a 6-week timeline to provide the client with a website that would facilitate to their business goals much more effectively than their previous website. The design and development process was aided with a collaborated effort on the part of the account manager and the client to create new more engaging content. The new content combined with the existing library of educational resources provided the frame work that would be used to develop the new website. Incorporating the new content, purchasable resource books and videos as well as images on the site that communicate the message of Fortune & Associates were all utilized to develop an effective design. Throughout the development process the account manager communicated with the client to ensure their ideas and vision was incorporated in the creation of the website by the design and development team.

Optimizing the Users shopping experience and overall design of the website

As the website development came to a close the account manager and the development team did an entire website overview to ensure the website provided a user-friendly experience. The account manager and development team walked through the entire buying process making sure to find and eliminate any potential obstacles a customer might experience when purchasing an item through the website. The end result was a fully responsive eCommerce website that is fully optimized for mobile device viewing. The project was also completed on schedule and didn't just meet the client's expectations but exceeded them.

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