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PowerSchool Plugin Installation

The following Tutorial will guide you through the steps necessary to install a PowerSchool Plugin

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Installation Instructions for PowerSchool Plugins

A PowerSchool Plugin is typically developed by a 3rd party company to enhance your PowerSchool operations. It can be used to customize your PowerSchool instance, sync data between two systems, setup a simple SSO link between two systems, or create new exports. They are a powerful tool to create a better experience for your users.

A Plugin is either just 1 xml file, or it can be a compressed (.zip) package of a series of files, depending on the complexity of the plugin. If it contains page customizations, it will have a series of files. If it is simply used for data access or an SSO link, it may just contain the single plugin.xml file.

1 To Install the plugin file or package, login to the admin side of PowerSchool. On the left hand side, under Setup, select System:

PowerSchool Plugin Setup

2 On the System page, scroll down to the Server section, and select System Settings:

PowerSchool Plugin Server Systems Settings

3 On the System Settings page, select Plugin Management Configuration:

PowerSchool Plugin Management Configuration

4 On the Plugin Management Dashboard, select Install on the top right of the page.

PowerSchool Plugin Installation Step 1

5 From the Plugin Install page, select Browse and select your plugin.xml file or your compressed (.zip) plugin package.

PowerSchool Plugin Installation Step 2

6 Select Install, and the package will install. If it installs properly, it will take you to the Plugin Management Dashboard with a green bar stating it installed successfully.

PowerSchool Plugin Dashboard

7 However, the plugin still needs to be Enabled. To enable the plugin, select the check box on the same line as the plugin:

PowerSchool Plugin Enable Step 1

8 That opens up a side bar that confirms you will give the 3rd party plugin access to your data. Select Enable at the bottom of the form:

PowerSchool Plugin Enable Step 2

9 At that point your plugin is installed. If the plugin creator needs access to the API to integrate your data, click on the name of the plugin. It will take you to a Summary page of the plugin. On that page, select Data Configuration. That page contains a ClientID and ClientSecret. Securely send that information to the partner, and they will use that to access your data. If you ever want to prevent them from accessing your data, simply uncheck the enable box, and they will no long have permission to access to your data.

Do you need help developing a plugin?

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