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Streamlining COVID-19 Data Reporting

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How Capitol Tech Solutions Revolutionized Unleashing Leader’s Reporting Process for California Department of Public Health

Starting January 2021, Capitol Tech Solutions (CTS) partnered with Unleashing Leader (UL) to streamline the reporting process of COVID-19 related data to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). The data for these reports had been collected since April of 2020, but the volume and complexity exceeded UL’s capability to manage effectively. UL reached out to Capitol Tech Solutions (CTS) for assistance because of CTS’s proven expertise with large data set reporting.

Reports were delivered to CDPH on both a daily and weekly basis, as well as regular delivery to the Governor of California. The collected data originated from various call centers established to handle public inquiries related to COVID-19.

The call centers handled diverse areas such as:

  1. General COVID-19 inquiries
  2. Real Estate questions focusing on landlord-tenant interactions
  3. Complications arising due to the confluence of Influenza and COVID-19
  4. Questions on COVID-19 testing procedures
  5. Issues related to Safe Schools and other educational topics
  6. Vaccination-related inquiries
  7. After-call surveys to assess service quality
  8. Call quality evaluations by auditors.

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The initial raw data, consolidated into Excel spreadsheets by each call center, was posted to Sharepoint. CTS imported this data daily, transforming it for compatibility, and then developing various reports, dashboards, views, and queries using PowerBI Desktop and the PowerBI Service, enhancing the visibility and clarity of the data.

Additionally, CTS established PowerBI reporting and query standards for UL and ensured constant communication with team members to address arising issues and discuss potential improvements.

Throughout this project the CTS team demonstrated expertise in identifying technical issues, proposing high-level solutions, and implementing process improvements for enhanced data integrity.

Project highlights include:

  • Performance Optimization: Achieved a significant reduction in report load times, from 30 minutes to mere seconds, through refined data conversion infrastructure.
  • Strategic Collaboration: Partnered with Unleashing Leader to optimize their COVID-19 data reporting to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).
  • Leadership: Led the Call Center project and crafted Microsoft Power BI reports that were crucial for the Governor’s daily briefings.
  • Infrastructure Development: Played a pivotal role in architecting and monitoring the data pipeline from the legacy Maximus database to the CDPH data warehouse, ensuring data was normalized for Power BI reporting.
  • Process Enhancement: Spearheaded the revamp of ETL processes, notably by incorporating early data conversion from legacy databases and integrating data from Google Sheets to a standardized Microsoft SQL database.
  • Technical Proficiency: Utilized tools like Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio for tasks ranging from data quality assessment to transformation for streamlined reporting.
  • Report Development: Innovated and developed new Power BI reports in line with specifications from CDPH.
  • Data Management: Oversaw the growth of the database to over 1.5TB within two years and collaborated with the AWS team to handle data for production and development environments.

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