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FileMaker Pro Application Development for State-Required Nutrition Program Data

The Children’s Hunger Alliance partnered with the FileMaker Pro Experts at Capitol Tech Solutions to create a streamlined solution to track Child Nutrition Programs in the state of Ohio.

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Client: Children’s Hunger Alliance

Technologies: FileMaker Pro

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Non-profit Agency Streamlines Data Tracking for State Programs Utilizing FileMaker Pro

The Children’s Hunger Alliance is a non-profit agency that collaborates with school and community partners to ensure all children have access to regular and nutritious meals. The agency has developed effective strategies to increase school breakfast, school lunch, after school meals and summer meal so that children are ready to learn. On a national level, Children’s Hunger Alliance has strong relationships with the Food Research and Action Center and Share Our Strength.

The Senior Leadership of Children’s Hunger Alliance is very familiar with the team members at Capitol Tech Solutions and their work developing the FileMaker Pro-based Consolidated Local Plan for Federal Programs for the Ohio Department of Education. CTS Team Member Chuck Merkle received a contract to develop a FileMaker Pro project for Children’s Hunger Alliance in 2005. Children’s Hunger Alliance requested an easy and effective program to track Child Nutrition Programs in the state of Ohio.

FileMaker Pro is the Perfect Solution to Meet the Following Requirement

  • Comparing Child Nutrition data for school breakfast, lunch and summer meals.
  • Comparing data by school district and school buildings on a monthly basis.
  • Developing reports to assist the SchoolNutrition Staff to provide accurate data to school districts.
  • Developing reports for districts and counties along with the 5 Children’s Hunger Alliance Regions.
  • Assisting Children’s Hunger Alliance in developing a statewide report for the Ohio Department of Education and theGeneral Assembly.

The software development team at Capitol Tech Solutions analyzed the requirements, and developed the solution using the Agile methodology. During the process, our team was in constant communication with Children’s Hunger alliance with regular meetings to review progress.

Children's Hunger Alliance FileMaker Pro report

Features of the Application Remove Barriers and Optimize Productivity

The FileMaker Pro project that was developed assisted the agency in tracking:

625 school districts

300 charter schools

5000 local schools

The FileMaker Pro System also provided a remote connection to allow each consultant to have easy access for tracking contacts, meeting notes and school contact information. The FileMaker Pro program also included school district and building reports, graphs and charts which provided visual contexts for our work with school systems and local community agencies.

Children’s Hunger Alliance was very pleased with this FileMaker Pro Solution and highly recommends the FileMaker Pro Program and Chuck Merkle for other FileMaker Projects. Any agency and staff using this program can expect to be highly satisfied.

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Charlie Kozlesky

Senior Vice President, Nutrition, Children’s Hunger Alliance

FileMaker Pro Project Continues to Drive Success for Children’s Hunger Alliance

Over the lifetime of the application, FileMaker has released new versions with new functionality. Our team continues to update the application, and it provides a streamlined solution to this day to optimize our data management to properly report data to the state of Ohio.

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