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Website Redesign Project for LectureSource

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Website Redesign & Client Information

LectureSource is a platform to facilitate the creation and collaboration of college course and lecture materials created by professors for professors to enhance teaching and student learning outcomes.

  • Client: Lecture Source
  • Date: January 2017
  • Website: Lecture Source
  • Technologies:
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • CMS
    • jQuery jQuery
    • Meteor Meteor
    • Bootstrap Bootstrap
    • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  • Devices:
    • Smartphones: iPhone, Android
    • iPads & Tablets
    • Laptop
    • Desktop
    • TV
  • Compatible Browsers:
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Safari
    • Microsoft Edge
    • IE 9+
    • Opera
iMac Device Macbook Device iPad Device iPhone Device Lecture Source on iMac Lecture Source on Macbook Lecture Source on iPad Lecture Source on iPhone

Software Platform Development Project Background

LectureSource is an online platform created by professors for professors as a resource for lecture and course materials. The staff at LectureSource had an idea to create platform that allows professors to upload their custom course content they develop over years of teaching their classes. Much of this material is developed just for their own class, yet it has value to professors across the country that teach similar subjects. That inspired the folks at LectureSource to create a marketplace where professors can not only share that content, but create a revenue source for them as well. Other professors can purchase the material for small amounts to use in their classroom. The concept itself was new for this market. The team initially looked at Wix and other platforms, but ultimately reached out to our team to develop the platform and customize it for their specific needs. Some features include.

  • User registration and file upload system
  • Online payment solution with Stripe
  • Resource search function
  • Materials rating system
  • Responsive design

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Education Platform Solution

We used the up-and-coming web platform Meteor to build their site. Meteor is a platform for building web content in Javascript. This allows for a significantly faster browsing experience than your traditional website, and had a noticeable impact on page-load speeds. Its flexibility allowed for:

  • JQuery
  • Mongo database
  • Secure payment portal
  • Powerful search functionality

Responsive Design

There are always many minor edits involved when it comes to producing a high-quality responsive website. Building from the ground up with Meteor allowed us nearly complete freedom to edit the code, and Mongo Database allowed us to preserve and continue to preserve any prior iterations of the website for the sake of security. Our software developers worked hand in hand with our graphic designers to deliver a solution that provides a great user experience with a professional appearance. We built in a system for both clients and teachers to manage and receive transactions for their education content, and a lightning-fast search feature to quickly find what they’re looking for.

Professional Results

In the end, we were able to create an attractive, responsive site for professors to share their course materials. We believe it will be an asset to the educational community, and look forward to seeing its pool of information grow for the benefit of teacher and student. Our team continues to build successful software platforms for our customers, and LectureSource is a great example of an idea that can serve a great niche in their industry.

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