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Our consulting team can assist in getting your school or district through Fall 1, Fall 2 and EOY CALPADS reporting.

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CALPADS Data Consultants for Student Information Systems

We emphasize the ongoing process of data management for more efficient reporting and can assist in getting your data team on track to meet all of California’s CALPADS reporting requirements.

Based on your needs and level of experience working in the CALPADS environment, our consultants will provide you with customized training and ongoing support.

Looking for someone to do the reporting for your school or district? We can fill in for gaps in staffing or to complete the full reporting cycle as well.

We assure you won’t miss a submission due to bad data, data validation issues, missing data, or missing requirements. Our team has actually read the CALPADS user manual and combed over the CALPADS File Specifications. That depth of knowledge allows our team to quickly and efficiently help your district, saving your department time and money.

We have intimate working knowledge in managing data in PowerSchool, InfiniteCampus, and Aires. However, we understand the CALPADS specifications well, and can work with districts on other Student Information Systems, including IlluinmateEd.

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Experienced CALPADS Reporting Specialists

We are well versed in both the requirements of the various CALPADS reports and the causes for potential data anomalies. Below is a list of the reports and common issues our team has experience in helping districts with.

SSID Enrollment File: assigning an SSID to a student and maintain enrollment information including current LEA and grade level. Submitted periodically throughout the school year, and at End of Year with a proper exit code for each student.

Common issues: improper enrollment dates or invalid exit code.

Student Information

Student Discipline File: maintaining student discipline information by offense committed and action taken.

Common issues: record keeping is particularly detailed with a number of specific data entry points dependent upon school enrollments and, in some cases, Student Program enrollments, with some offenses requiring additional attention (such as weapon involvement).

Student Information

Student Absence Summary File: maintain absence and suspension information for a student submitted at End of Year.

Common issues: improper count for an absence category.

Student Information

Course Section File: maintaining Course and Section information submitted at defined periods during the academic year; a Fall submission related to Census Day, and an End of Year submission for students grades 7-12 for completed sections.

Common issues: missing course record, missing associated staff record.

Course Section Information

Student Information File: maintaining student demographic information, necessary only when particular data is changed.

Common issues: improper Effective Date value.

Student Information

Student Career Tech Education (CTE) File: maintaining Career Tech Education (CTE) information for students submitted at End of Year.

Common issues: improper concentration/pathway alignment.

Student Information

Staff Demographic File: maintain staff demographic information for those members active at any time during the academic year.

Common issues: improper Effective Date value, missing records, improper years of service or employment status code.

Staff Information

Student Course Section File: maintaining student class (a.k.a. course section) enrollments at defined periods during the academic year; a Fall submission related to enrollments on Census Day, and an End of Year submission for students receiving a class grade.

Common issues: missing grades (End of Year), duplicate or missing entries, misaligned dates.

Course Section Information

Student Program File: maintain program eligibility or participation for a student, including programs with limited visibility due to confidentiality requirements.

Common issues: improper enrollment date value, particularly when a student transitions to a new school.

Student Information

Student English Language Acquisition File: maintaining English Language Acquisition information for students, submitted when requesting an SSID or when a student’s English Language Acquisition status has changed.

Common issues: improper status effective date.

Student Information

Staff Assignment File: maintain assignments for staff members.

Common issues: improper Effective Date value, inclusion of inactive staff members, misalignment of assignments, missing or duplicate assignments, missing record in Staff Demographic File.

Staff Information

CALPADS ODS File: CALPADS allows for the extraction of your submitted information so that it may be compared to your SIS data in order to verify the two systems (CALPADS and your SIS) are in sync and take the proper steps necessary to resolve any differences.


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