Custom PowerSchool Reports

Our team has expertise in building custom PowerSchool reports, including custom report cards, data dashboards, and Object Reports. With over 15 years of experience working directly within the PowerSchool State Compliance team, and then working as a contractor within the PowerSchool services department, we have inside knowledge to be able to create the reports your district requires.

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Custom PowerSchool Reports, including HTML Report Cards, Object Reports, and Enterprise Reporting

Our Certified PowerSchool Customization experts can create unique reports for your district. One of the great benefits of PowerSchool is the ability to customize almost everything and create any sort of report your district needs. Our team of School Information System (SIS) experts has created hundreds of state reports throughout the United States and Canada. And through our Partnership with the PowerSchool services team, we have generated custom HTML report cards for districts that can be printed out in both English and Spanish. Whether you need a simple internal report summarizing data, or a complex student report card, our team has the knowledge to get your data out of PowerSchool in the format you need.

Example of a custom Standards based Report Card

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