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Sacramento WordPress Web Design & Development

Our team of Sacramento WordPress Website development experts can provide you with a state-of-the-art website and solution that can help you market and run your business.

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WordPress Experts

We offer complete design and development of WordPress websites so you can successfully market your business online, control your content, implement custom solutions, and grow your business. We start with a partnership with our customers, understating their businesses and goals so we can create the most effective solution that specifically addresses their needs.

What is rare about our team is the combination of award-winning website design with our talented WordPress developers. By combining both of those roles, our team can provide a custom solution for clients of all sizes and a vast variety of needs, all on the most common Content Management System (CMS) available. Contact our Sacramento WordPress web development team today!

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Let’s create a modern web experience together to drive your business.

Companies and Non-Profits large and small have outsourced their WordPress Web Design and User Experience services to our experts

Our team of User Experience experts integrates seamlessly with your marketing department to deliver data-driven results. We use the website as the primary hub, driving traffic through various marketing campaigns back to specific content and landing pages on your website.

Whether you have a social media push, a paid AdWords campaign, or commercials and print, we help you devise the best strategy to capture those visitors and convert them into customers. By integrating various WordPress plugins, we can automate the processes of communicating with those leads, integrating them into databases, or simply notify you of the incoming lead.

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Full-service WordPress design agency

As a full-service WordPress website design and development agency, our primary goal is to meet your business objectives, whether that is generating leads or improving process. Our extensive range of services are often custom per customer.

  • User Experience Partner
  • Understand your Marketing Goals and Objectives
  • Target Audience and web persona analysis
  • Brand guidance
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Website Enhancements
  • Integrated Functionality through APIs
  • Keyword Analysis and recommendations
  • Functionality Improvements
  • Marketing direction for Calls to Action
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With WordPress and our expertise, you get a functional and beautiful website

Full Content Management System icon

Full Content Management System

Controlled User Access for All Users

Controlled User Access for All Users

Search Engine Optimized

Search Engine Optimized

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Integrated Schema to Support Snippets

Over 44,000 Plugin Applications available icon

Over 44,000 Plugin Applications available

Custom Web Design

Custom Web Design

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Integrate 3rd Party APIs and data

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Safe and Secure Data Hosting

We build WordPress websites with the latest and greatest technologies available

  • We always start our WordPress projects on the latest version of WordPress, hosted on WPEngine, one of the leading WordPress hosting platforms available today. Time and again, they have been at the top of speed tests, resulting in better results for search engines. WPEngine also handles all backend WordPress updates, assuring your site has the most up to date security features available.
  • We build our sites with the DIVI Theme Builder. This allows for ultimate customizations to your website, making it a unique experience. And it also allows us to quickly build beautiful sites, helping us meet stringent customer deadlines.
  • Each website we build includes a set of specific plugins, designed to get your website found by potential customers, and easy for you to update as your business evolves.
  • Customers need a fully mobile experience, and our sites are all mobile-friendly from the very beginning of the design phase. Most internet traffic happens on the phone, so we design specifically with that mobile experience in mind.
  • Your business is not static, and your website shouldn’t be either. We are here as a support partner moving forward, helping your business not only have a beautiful website but making it successful for years to come.
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Why is WordPress our preferred CMS for many website projects?

WordPress has come a long way since its beginnings as a blogging solution. We were not the first adopters of WordPress, but as the years went by, more and more customers we helped with User Experience were on the WordPress platform. Many of the early WordPress issues folks that came to us have been resolved. And the community is by far the largest of any web CMS available today. So, with the vast resources for the platform, we made the switch to WordPress and haven’t looked back. We fully embraced the platform and had our team become experts, both from a design standpoint and a development standpoint. Today, nearly every website we build starts on the WordPress platform, and our customers are telling us they are pleased with the platform.

WordPress is not free from issues. We still get customers coming in our door, having us help them with their broken WordPress install. We explain to our customers to think of a website like a mechanical device; it needs maintenance. Technology is continually changing, and if you aren’t maintaining and updating your site, it will slowly perform worse and worse for you. WordPress needs maintenance. Different security holes get found, different technologies become outdated (see Flash), and user habits change (thanks to mobile devices). And your website needs to change with these trends. At Capitol Tech Solutions, we are your Sacramento web design partner that you can grow with through these issues and make sure you are always at the forefront of the latest technology trends.

Photo of a responsive WordPress website design on a mobile screen.

We are very happy with the website. Being able to change the text and images myself is incredibly helpful, and it will be nice to finally show off our recent work.

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Andrew Martinez

Signature Surfaces

See some of the WordPress projects we have worked on

We believe our work speaks for itself, and want to highlight some of our recent projects.


KVIE came to Capitol Tech Solutions looking for a full-service digital agency partner. They had a WordPress website that different departments were updating. They requested immediate assistance for some issues, such as scheduling posts and enhancing some pages. But what they also requested was marketing expertise from our team. We helped them redesign their site on the same platform and then focus on their goals as an organization. Having a reliable User Experience plan in place, our marketing team made suggested changes to the web experience, and our web designers and developers went to work making KVIE experience better for all website visitors. We increased visitors to the site and increased conversions to meet their goals by driving traffic to their WordPress website and keeping it there.
Photo of WordPress website design for KVIE, on desktop, laptop, and mobile screens

Pivot Marketing Agency

Pivot needed a modern website to attract more customers to their growing agency. They initially embarked on the project with a freelance designer, but the result was not what they envisioned. So, they turned to us to build them a site that met their strict design goals, had a modern user experience, and was easy for their staff to update as their business changed. The result was a beautiful and engaging website that helps attract new customers and helps close the deal with customers who have received proposals.
Photo of WordPress website design for Pivot Marketing Agency, on desktop, laptop, and mobile screens

We would love the opportunity to partner with you to build your WordPress website. Contact us today to tell us your story.

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Start building your modern, mobile-ready WordPress website today.

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