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How a User Experience Agency Can Help Grow Your Business 2018

by | January 9, 2018

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With all the demands of running a business time is a vital commodity. You have a wealth of knowledge about your industry customers and how your business runs. If this is all that was required to succeed you would be a millionaire in no time. But the reality is there are so many other business needs that can take time away from what you do best. Developing and executing a successful User Experience Strategy can top the time drain list.

Marketing your business isn’t a luxury it’s a necessity. You can have the best business in your industry but if no one knows about it it will fail. Your marketing strategy can vary in type and degree but the fact remains you need one. But where do you start? There’s web design Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media content marketing paid advertising and the list goes on and on!

So how can hiring a User Experience Agency help your business grow in 2018? We have compiled a list of 10 ways that hiring an agency can save you time grow your business and ultimately make you more profits.

10 Reasons to Hire a User Experience Agency in 2018

  1. Save Time and Focus on Running Your Business
  2. Lower Costs vs Hiring an Inhouse Team
  3. Work with Multiple Experts
  4. Stay Relevant and Up to Date
  5. They Understand Your Customer
  6. Gain New Ideas and Opportunities
  7. Scalable Services that Grow with You
  8. Measurable Results that Show Progress
  9. Agencies Have the Big Tools
  10. Your Success is Their Success

Save Time and Focus on Running Your Business

Photo of hour glass by Uroš Jovicic on UnsplashAs a business owner you already wish that there were more hours in the day. Running your business should be the top priority but getting the word out to your potential customers can take just as much if not more time than you actually spend selling to them.

You spend time trying to understand how different online marketing options work more time developing a marketing strategy and even more time executing it. To top it off how do you know what is and isn’t working?

When you hire a user experience agency you not only get all this time back to focus on running your business you get the experience they have compiled from previous marketing campaigns and insights to the latest digital trends.

A good agency will take the time to meet with you to understand your unique business goals and target market. The agency’s team then take this information to craft a marketing strategy that effectively targets your customers.

Lower Costs vs Hiring an Inhouse Team

The costs of hiring a digital agency versus hiring an in-house team are one of the first factors considered by many businesses. The reality is that hiring a user experience agency will actually give you more benefits at a lower cost.

To start with hiring a marketing agency eliminates the costs associated with in-house employees like salaries payroll taxes and benefits. Not to mention that your investment is giving you access to multiple experts in different areas of user experience.

Additionally an established agency brings the user experience tools needed to run a successful campaign. These can include expensive subscriptions to analytical tools and design software required.

Work with Multiple Experts

Photo of team fist bump by rawpixel.com on UnsplashMost small businesses and many medium sized businesses don’t have the ability to hire a dedicated team of digital marketers. The responsibility is generally placed on the shoulders of the owner or on management and employees in addition to their regular duties. These employees may have a little knowledge of marketing like how to create a post on social media but are they experts? Do they have the time to research the latest changes and trends?

When you hire an agency your business gets the knowledge of not only one employee but the combined knowledge and experiences of a full team. The user experience landscape is always evolving. To be successful your marketing strategy may include web design SEO Social Media creating content analytics and so much more.

The user experience team knows what has worked for previous clients in the past. They don’t need to take time to learn about how to design an engaging post or how to format your site so search engines will like it. This is what they know and their results are why you pay them.

Stay Relevant and Up to Date

Research is vital to a successful marketing strategy. You need a deep understanding of your business industry and your target customer. A strategy that works for a company in one industry may not work in yours.

A good User Experience Agency will have a deep knowledge of the latest marketing strategies and how to best execute them. They do market research about your target customers and their habits. For example knowing that your customers prefer one social media platform over another can save time and money. Understanding what key terms are being used when searching for your products or services provides insights and recommendations for content creation.

Every year brings a new social media platform and more changes to the best recommended practices for Search Engine Result Page (SERP) rankings. Understanding these changes and how they can affect your strategy takes time and knowledge about your unique situation. Not only will an agency know how to handle these changes they will know how to best prepare your business to benefit from them.

Gain New Ideas and Opportunities

Photo of lightbulb in a hand by Rohan Makhecha on UnsplashRunning a business can create tunnel vision as time goes by. You may see success in some areas of online marketing and continue to focus on them rather than explore new areas.

A good agency will constantly review what has and hasn’t worked for your business’s marketing strategy. They can provide insights as to why tactics haven’t worked and other ideas to explore.

For example ten years ago marketing to customers over the age of 55 on Facebook may not have been worth the investment. However according to Facebook’s statistics users above the age of 55 now top 28 million users and represent 15.6% of active profiles. This is over an 80% increase since 2011 and potentially represents a huge opportunity for some businesses.

They Understand You Customer

Understanding who your customers are and how they consume information is the first step of successfully targeting them the next is knowing how to create new and exciting content that get them engaged with your business.

A common mistake that businesses initially make is promoting who they are rather than what they offer. An agency takes the time to understand who the customer you are targeting is. A customer that is interested in finding a new place for dinner for example wont search for your company directly they will search something like “best date night restaurant in my city”. Knowing how your customer searches for your business is key to growing the reach of your business.

Agencies also research what digital platforms your target customers use and how they are using them. An ad that is created for Facebook may be successful on that platform but fail on Instagram. This is because users go to different platforms for different reasons. Knowing how to create content that engage users can be the difference in success and wasted resources.

Scalable Services the Grow with You

Most businesses can’t jump right into the deep end of the marketing pool and attack from every angle. As a business owner you want to focus on the areas that will provide the best results in the quickest amount of time. A good digital agency will present multiple strategies that address your immediate needs as well as long term goals.

As your business grows you can add to your marketing strategy to address fresh solutions. Doing this with inhouse employees would require either hiring and training additional employees or focusing your existing resources on the new tasks. With a digital agency you already have the knowledge and experience ready to go to work for you.

Measurable Results that Show Progress

You invest resources into your marketing strategy but does it result in more business?

With so many digital outlets to market your business through it can be difficult to know what is and isn’t working and more importantly why. Knowing the real Return on Investment (ROI) for your user experience strategy can be easily misrepresented or misleading.

Your agency should work with you to determine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor the success of your marketing efforts. The KPIs should be directly tied to your business objectives. Growing your social media following is great but if it does not result in increased profits then it fails to address growing your profits.

Identifying the KPIs for your business and meeting to review and update them on a regular schedule is vital to understanding the effectiveness of your strategy. The meeting should address how targeted key words are affecting website traffic metrics of how social media posts are getting engaged with and how these result in profits for your business.

Agencies Have the Big Tools

Just like a carpenter needs special tools for different projects a successful user experience strategy requires specialized tools to produce results.

There are many tools available to help plan and execute a successful marketing strategy. Unfortunately there is no all-in-one solution that can address all of the needs. You may need graphic design programs key word research SEO review competitor analysis automation management along with other tools.

Each of these tools require subscriptions or fees that can add to the costs of your marketing budget. A good user experience agency will already have these tools available for use in your campaign.

You won’t need to know which service or program is needed for your strategy. More importantly you won’t need to spend the time researching and learning how to use them.

Your Success is Their Success

Photo of boy on ladder in the clouds by Samuel Zeller on UnsplashA successful agency isn’t focused only on the short-term success of your business. They want to establish a long relationship that provides consistent results that grow your business ultimately increasing your profits.

An agency may be able to show short term success but the results dwindle as time goes on. The agency you partner with should have a detailed strategy that maps out different opportunities to explore as your business grows.

When your business succeeds the agency can show how their strategies work. When their strategies fail your business you leave and they now need to find new business without the benefit of a success story.

According to Ian Kingwill the costs of acquiring a new client is between four and ten times that of retaining an existing one. Therefore it’s a win-win for your business and the agency when they are able to continue to provide positive results with your marketing strategy.

Hiring A User Experience Agency Makes Sense

Overall the benefits of hiring a user experience agency that has a proven record of building successful marketing strategies are numerous. They allow you to focus on what you do best running your business.

Take the time to research the agency and hire one that takes a deep interest in your business and is focused on growing your business for long-term success. Make sure that the strategy that they develop is in line with your business goals and they can prove their success through KPIs that produce the desired results.

If you have any questions about how a User Experience Agency can benefit your business in 2018 feel free to contact our New Business Development Manager today!

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