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Social Media Marketing Agency Services & Strategy

Social Media Marketing isn’t just a buzzword at the Capitol Tech Solutions User Experience Agency, it’s a powerful tool that we use to help our clients reach their targeted customer audience, build their brand, generate more leads and succeed.

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Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Social media networks like Facebook and Instagram provide business a network of over 318 million users combined in the U.S. alone. This has opened the door for business to interact with potential and existing customers easier and more directly than ever before.

The challenge with social media is creating a consistent stream of content that not only gets your business noticed but reaches your desired target market, promotes engagement with your followers and builds leads for your sales channel.

Organic social media marketing is designed for long term success. While our strategies yield concrete results and strengthen your brand, organic social does not yield results overnight, and takes several months of investment and hard work. If you’re looking for instant results, social media advertising may better suit your needs.

Don’t let your company miss out on the opportunities available through social media marketing. Contact our team of social media experts to help you leverage the best social media marketing methods and analytics tools to yield the greatest return on your investment.

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Social Media Certifications

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Hootsuite Academy Social Marketing Certified Professional Badge

Ready for Social Media Marketing Success?

See how The Patriots Initiative was able to raise $64,000 through a crowdsourced social media campaign.

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Our Social Media Marketing Process

1. Partnership & Discovery

We learn about your business and market competition to create a strategy customized to your specific business.

2. Platform Research & Selection

Our team researches and determines the best social media platforms to effectively reach your intended audience.

3. Strategy Implementation

With your social media platforms selected, our team creates a strategy implementation schedule to promote consistent quality content.

4. Posting & Engagement

Our social media experts work with you to carefully craft a unique message on each platform to expand your reach and generate engagement.

5. Success Metric Analysis

Analyzing your key success metrics allows our team to continually refine your marketing strategy around what works.

Outside of friends and family networks, true crowdfunding is a unique, challenging landscape. It takes expert communication skills, bravery and perseverance – like any fundraising campaign really does. But, it also requires extreme resourcefulness. We managed to far exceed our crowdfunding goal, and a big part of it was thanks to thee unwavering devotion and true passion from Capitol Tech Solutions’ crowdfunding consultants. They embraced The Patriot’s Initiative cause like it was their very own. We are honored and humbled to have worked on this campaign together with the two of them.

Alli Hillgren

Co-Director of Marketing, The Patriots Initiative

Social Media Marketing Services

Brand Presence & Marketing Reach

We utilize various proven growth methods to expand your reach to your ideal target market. Let us do the work to determine the best times to post on different platforms and craft engaging social media content.

Engagement & Brand Recognition

Don’t miss opportunities to engage with your supporters. We’ve successfully managed our clients’ engagement for years, resulting in an increase in their brand recognition and growth.


Viral Referral Marketing

We utilize a referral marketing platform called UpViral to gain valuable information about our clients’ followers helping them submit essential information for future email marketing campaigns.

Brand Ambassadors & Influencers

We have strong relationships in various industries with numerous influencers and can connect your business with the right public figures to increase your range of influence.

Social Media Ads

We have experience creating targeted Facebook ads for businesses and utilize advanced analytical tools provided through Facebook Pixel.

Ecommerce Opportunities

Our social media eCommerce experts have experiencing using Facebook and Instagram’s shopping features and advertising, increasing the overall bottom-line for many of our clients.

Thanks to our Facebook posts and lots of extra posts and updates up through 11:30 at night, we made our $10,000 fundraising goal for Big Day of Giving.

Allison Cagley

Allison Cagley

Executive Director, Friends of Sacramento Arts

Ready to take your Social Media Marketing to the next level?

Top Social Media Platforms


  Facebook, with 229,900,000 US users, is the biggest social media platform and an essential part of a successful social media plan.


Instagram is fast becoming a major player for online shopping and user engagement with over 100,000,000 US users.


Twiiter has become a hub for individuals and companies to spread a message in seconds with over 68,000,000 users.

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Yelp is without a question the top source for reviews and offers a great opportunity for companies to engage with their customers or clients.

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Ready for Social Media Marketing Success?

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