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Alex Wright achieves Google Analytics Certification

by | August 14, 2019

Alex Wright’s certification for Google Analytics

Our front-end web developer Alex Wright has recently achieved certification for Google Analytics. Google Analytics is one of the most popular analytics software on the market because of its ability to collect a massive amount of data related to how users are finding and interacting with websites. Having the ability to decipher the information provided by Google Analytics gives our web developers the ability to maximize the website performance of all our clients’ sites.

"I am excited to be Google Analytics certified! Google Analytics is invaluable in understanding how website visitors react to and interact with a site’s design and content. That data informs our team’s design decisions we strive to maximize visitor conversions” said Web Developer Alex Wright. “I enjoyed learning the ins and outs of Google Analytics while studying for the certification and am excited to apply that knowledge as we continue to produce high-quality high-converting websites for our clients."

Wright’s Google Analytics Certification gives CTS special access to technical support product information and exclusive conferences. We believe analytics is the foundation of everything we do in user experience including SEO social media marketing search engine marketing and much more.

We provide exceptional service for any of your user experience needs!

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What does it mean to be Google Analytics Certified?

At CTS we are always looking for ways to expand our skillset and maximize results for our clients. We understand the importance of using Google Analytics’ tools to the measure the results of our clients’ websites. A Google Analytics Certification verifies that our team has advanced understanding of the data provided by Google Analytics and can use that understanding to get results.

Capitol Tech Solutions is proud to offer expertise in Google’s most popular and effective tools. We understand each client’s unique business goals and use our extensive expertise to develop strategies that provide unparalleled results.

As we continue to grow we continue to look for opportunities to serve our clients better. Our team strives to differentiate ourselves through strategically developing cutting-edge design engaging content and user experiences to reach the business objectives of every client that partners with CTS.

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