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CTS Delivers: Transforming the CalVCB Website

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Transforming the CalVCB Website with Robust Hosting, Fluid Content Updates, and Prompt, Adaptive Solutions

Client Background

The CalVCB website serves as an informational resource for California residents and others interested in victims’ services. It provides information about victims’ programs, supports trauma-informed communication with victims, and offers online services for both victims and service providers.

Project Overview

The CalVCB website’s high traffic (over 600,000 annual site visitors), extensive content (1000 pages), and the presence of unfinished tasks from a previous vendor underscored the necessity of updating, optimizing, and effectively managing the site to meet the needs of its users and fulfill the organization’s mission of providing support to victims of violent crimes.

There are several key points to the successful fulfillment of this two-pronged contract

  1. Hosting and Maintenance Services: The first part of the contract involves managed web hosting services for CalVCB’s website, which is a WordPress site hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This service includes ongoing maintenance, development, deployment, quality assurance/testing, customization, integration, and 24/7/365 support, including weekends and holidays.
  2. Hosting Requirements: The contract stipulates that managed hosting services must support multiple environments including: Development (Dev) environment for CalVCB users, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment, and Production (Prod) environment.
  3. Content Updates and Enhancements: Within the first part of the contract, there is a time and materials component for the CTS team to make website content updates and enhancements as needed.
  4. Backlog of Items: The second part of the contract deals with a backlog of 10 items, including an ADA audit that required 100 hours of effort. These backlog items also involve tasks such as adding sections to pages and implementing PHP short code to manage content placement on the site.
  5. Victims Banner Implementation: A quick turnaround service was needed for a Victims banner on the website. This banner was intended to provide resources for victims of violence and needed to be implemented on the same day it was requested.

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Project Environments

This project required us to manage three environments: development (dev), staging, and production. Any updates or changes to the website were vetted through the environments from dev up to staging with approvals in between. The CTS team skillfully managed these complexities to provide seamless results for CalVCB.

Project Lessons

The CalVCB project demonstrates the CTS’s team ability to consistently meet and exceed client expectations. In addition to the original contract deliverables, CTS effortlessly adjusted to accommodate additional client needs. Flexibility is a core CTS value and allows the team to respond effectively to changing requirements and evolving project scopes. The CTS team is skilled, flexible, and uniquely qualified to adapt and excel in both planned and unforeseen scenarios.

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