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Revitalizing Workforce Development

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Capitol Tech Solutions Transforms UCP Sacramento’s Training System with Customized Learning Management System

United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) of Sacramento partnered with Capitol Tech Solutions (CTS) to design and develop a custom Learning Management System (LMS) tailored for UCP Sacramento’s unique requirements.

UCP initially sought out the expertise of CTS in developing a robust and modern LMS. After a comprehensive analysis of many different web-based LMS options, CTS recommended LearnDash, an LMS plugin for WordPress which allowed for flexibility and future growth. The goal was to provide an efficient platform for onboarding new employees and facilitating ongoing professional development. With over 50 unique requirements, this project demanded a substantial level of customization.

Key Features Developed

  1. Versatile Content Delivery: The LMS was designed to support a variety of content formats, including SCORM files, embedded videos, PDFs, and more.
  2. Login Portal: A secure login page with easy password recovery.
  3. User-Friendly Navigation: An intuitive user interface allowing seamless access to online courses which include videos, PowerPoints, and various file types.
  4. Assessment Tools: Quizzes were integrated to measure learning comprehension.
  5. Engagement Mechanisms: Introduced gamification using points and badges to encourage user participation and progress.
  6. Recognition: Certificates generated upon successful course completion.
  7. Notification System: Reminders for users about upcoming courses and significant alerts for team leaders.
  8. Security: Advanced permission settings to protect content based on user roles.
  9. Reporting Tools: Comprehensive reports on course completion rates and quiz scores.

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The design by CTS focused on the user experience, ensuring a seamless interaction for all employees. Every feature was demoed to UCP, with each requirement’s sign-off documented to ensure that CTS’s work was meeting with UCP’s vision. During this process many customizations were implemented that provided more suitable results than the LearnDash standard solution.

Upon completion, UCP Sacramento was equipped with a state-of-the-art LMS, now serving as a hub for educating over 700 employees, reflecting the organization’s commitment to rigorous employee training and continuous team development.

The partnership between UCP and CTS demonstrates the power of technology when tailored to address specific organizational challenges.

To ensure the LMS remains updated and efficient, the CTS team continues to provide monthly support and maintenance.

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