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Logo Design Services

Whether you are launching a new business, or kicking off a rebranding campaign, our logo artists will create a beautiful logo you can build your brand around.

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Logo Design Essentials

A professional logo design should always be done as a vector file, which creates images as mathematical algorithms rather than pixels – this allows the image to be 100% scalable to any size without losing any quality. Another benefit of vectors, exclusive to the web, is that images can be created as .SVG files, which do not lose quality when scaled to larger or smaller sizes and are a remarkably smaller file size when loaded on a website (loaded as code instead of typically much larger image files). Vector files are also the preferred file type by most printers, so your logo can be used and scaled to print at any size. Common examples of files you will use your logo on are business cards, letterheads, brochures, and display banners.

At CTS, we put in the extra effort to get you not only a beautiful logo, but to make your life easier down the road. As you create more branded material for your business, you will have the necessary logo files to quickly and easily create your marketing materials.

CTS designed an amazing logo for my new law firm. I had a vision in my head, and they were able to take that and make it even better. I get compliments regularly on my branding, and it all starts with the logo.

Bailey PLC Logo

Landon Bailey

Bailey PLC

Meet with our logo artists to take your branding to the next level

Custom Logo Designs for Clients

Our Graphic Design Portfolio showcases logos for both new businesses and rebranding projects.

Bailey PLC

Logo Design

Custom Logo for Bailey PLC

Bailey PLC Logo

Bailey PLC Logo Landscape Orientation

Capital Sheet Metal

Logo Cleanup

Logo Cleanup for Capital Sheet Metal

Capital Sheet Metal Logo

Paradyme Consulting

Logo Design

Custom Logo for Paradyme Consulting

Paradyme Consulting Logo on dark background

Paradyme Consulting Logo on light background

Logo Design Process

We focus on the small details so our logo artists can deliver a memorable logo.

1. Face to Face Meeting

Logos are the core to branding, and an in person meeting is key to a successful project.

2. Know Your Business

Get to know your business and target customers to ignite ideas.

3. Talk About Your Vision

Meet with our artists to take your vision from your head to a simple sketch.

4. Provide Mock Ups

Select from several different concepts to hone in our your perfect brand.

5. Launch New Logo

Integrate your logo with your branding and marketing materials.

Latest Logo and Graphic Design News

Elevate your branding with a memorable custom logo.

Contact our logo design experts to get started.

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