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Social Media Marketing Increases Public Engagement for El Dorado County DA

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641 New Facebook followers

1598 Average number of engaged users

12639 Number of Daily views in August

20% Increase in likes

The El Dorado County District Attorney’s Office knew that their community was a valuable resource that they needed to better engage with. They believed that a well-informed public could aid them in their efforts to make the community a safe and happy place to live. In April of 2017, the DA’s office partnered with the Social Media Experts at Capitol Tech Solutions (CTS) to develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy.

CTS focused on thoroughly training the staff on the best Social Media practices, including Content Generation, establishing a Social Media Calendar to improve consistency and creating targeted micro-sites to track user conversions. After just four months the El Dorado District Attorney’s Facebook page realized an 11% increase in likes, 40% increase in average daily engaged users and the total average reach of their posts has increased 76%, to 12,639 post views.

Social Media Engagement: Involving the Community

The El Dorado County District Attorney’s Office wanted to find a way that they could engage with their community through their digital presence. They had some success through their Social Media accounts, but desired to grow their engagement and highlight new law enforcement tools. The DA’s current website, that was maintained through the county, was hard to find, had limited customization and lacked social media integration.

Our Social Media Marketing (SMM) team at Capitol Tech Solutions met with the DA’s office to gain a full understanding of the needs and goals they wanted to accomplish. Through interviews and discussions with the DA’s Office, we were able to propose a SMM Strategy that would allow them to connect with their community and highlight the new law enforcement tools in a way that was organic and easily navigated.

Social Media Marketing Goals and Objectives

Connect with the El Dorado County Community through Social Media to make the community a safer place to live.

After reviewing the information, we gathered from our interviews with the DA’s Office, our team developed a multi-staged plan to increase awareness and engagement with the community. Our plan included:

  • Training the staff on the best Social Media tactics
  • Creating a Social Media Calendar to provide consistent content
  • Developing Micro-sites to promote the new law enforcement tools

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Reviewing Current Social Media Knowledge and Practices

Our SMM team went to work researching how the current Social Media Content was developed, distributed. We focused on what content the community was engaging with and how easily additional information was accessed. We found that while some posts had good engagement, there were many areas that could be improved to increase reach. We also found that most of the interaction was through their Facebook account and suggested that they focus their initial efforts on that platform.

Developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy

After reviewing how the DA’s office was currently using their Social Media Account to engage with the public, our team set out to develop a plan to maximize their efforts. The first phase of the partnership was to educate the staff on the best Social Media Practices. Our team broke this down into three key areas:

1. Training on Social Media Best Practices

2. Implementing a Social Media Calendar

3. Creating Micro-Sites to Promote User to Website Visitors

SMM Training: Using Best Practices

Our SMM Experts met daily with the DA’s team to train them on the best tactics for generating content. Their office was making video slide shows that were uploaded to YouTube and then posted on the DA’s Facebook page. Our team explained how Facebook’s algorithms worked and that content directly uploaded to Facebook was given preference in the algorithms resulting in greater reach.

The focus of our initial training was to show how to generate the type of content that their community would find useful and informative. Through our review, we noticed that the content that had the most engagement revolved around most wanted criminals, arrest logs, updates on current cases and promoting interaction on cold cases. We then worked with the team to on the best way to present this content to the community.

Creating a Social Media Calendar

One of the most important factors in building a loyal Social Media following is being consistent in your postings. After training the staff on how to generate the content, we organized a Social Media Calendar that allowed the DA’s office to plan daily, weekly and unique postings. After collaborating with the team, the initial calendar was organized to highlight the content as follows:

  • Daily Posting

    • Previous Day’s Arrest Log
  • Weekly Postings

    • Most Wanted Wednesday – Highlighting a fugitive in EDC
    • Court Case Updates – Highlighting recent convictions and sentencings resulting from the DA Office prosecution in EDC
  • Monthly Postings

    • Cold Case Information – Seeking new information on Cold Cases
    • District Attorney Office Achievements of Distinction
  • Unique Postings

    • District Attorney’s Opinion on Relevant Criminal Justice and Public Safety Issues and Legislation
    • Posts that are unique to current events in the community

The Social Media Calendar gave the DA’s team a timeline and deadline to know when content needed to be generated and approved to be posted.

Creating User Friendly Companion Micro-Sites to Drive Web Traffic

We decided to launch four unique micro-sites that offered unique landing pages, yet, were still tied together. The first site, ElDoradoDA.com, was a designed as new, more user friendly, home page for the DA Office. The purpose of the site, aside of a way to track analytics, is to have all the relevant information and resources available to the community in one easy to find and navigate page.

The three additional sites were developed to offer additional information on the most engaging Social Media Content. El Dorados Most Wanted, El Dorado Arrest Log and El Dorado Cold Case allowed the DA Office to organize and display the post from Social Media. This allows the community to find additional information and updates on the posts while giving similar content that they may find informative.

This screenshot show the difficulty of navigating the El Dorado County’s website to find the District Attorney’s webpage
This screenshot shows the new El Dorado County District Attorney Micro-Site developed by CTS as part of their Social Media Marketing Strategy

Working every day with the team at the El Dorado County District Attorney’s Office has resulted in a completely customized SMM strategy that delivers quality content and consistent results.

Steve Davey

Capitol Tech Solutions

Social Media Marketing Produces Fast Results

After just four months partnering with CTS, the EDC DA Office has realized large gains in likes, engaged users and post reach. When compared to the previous four-month period (Jan-Apr to May-Aug ’17), the DA Facebook page new daily Likes have increased 20%, resulting in an additional 641 followers. The average number of daily engaged users, followers who interact with at least one post from the DA’s page, increased 72% to an average of 1598 daily engagements in August. The average daily post reach, any person who was exposed to a least one post, increased 57% to an average of 12,639 daily views in August.

The new El Dorado DA Micro-site, launched in mid-August, is already generating traffic thanks to the Facebook page with an average visit time exceeding 8 minutes. The three additional micro-sites have also been launched in September and have started to show promising traffic.

This graph shows the increase in avg daily reach of the El Dorado County District Attorney’s Facebook posts
This graph shows the increase in page likes for the El Dorado County District Attorney’s Facebook page
This graph shows the increase in avg daily engaged users with the El Dorado County District Attorney’s Facebook posts

Social Media Future Growth Strategy

With the positive results achieved after just four months, the partnership between The El Dorado County District Attorney and Capitol Tech Solutions has only just begun. We are working directly with the DA, Vern Pierson, and his staff to explore the possibility of conducting community town halls on Facebook Live to allow another way for the community to interact with the office.

As the content continues to increase engagement, we will roll out targeted Facebook ads to increase the community’s awareness of the page and the law enforcement tools that are being offered to them.

Now that the team at the DA’s Office has a good understanding of how to generate good content that is relevant to their followers on Facebook, we will work to grow their presence on their other Social Media Platforms (Instagram, Twitter). The training will be focused on how to repurpose existing that is optimized for how content is consumed differently on the other platforms.

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