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Building an eCommerce Website can be difficult without the proper eCommerce Platform Design and eCommerce SEO Expertise. Our eCommerce Store Designs are created by our Professional Web Development Team in Sacramento, CA, and are developed to be attractive to customers, Mobile Friendly and have easy to operate customizable Shopping Carts for Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMB) to Enterprise eCommerce Storefronts.

A well-designed eCommerce Website will help you grow your business by allowing you to maximize online sales and increase your marketing presence. All the eCommerce Storefronts we design provide an integrated Shopping Cart, robust Shipping Options, Functional Custom Design, a Content Management System (CMS) to manage Products, Sales and Growth Trend Reporting, Secure Merchant Payment Gateways, and Facebook and Pinterest integration.

eCommerce Website Design & Development

eCommerce Solutions for your Online Store

People are discovering that starting an online ecommerce business has never been easier. Online storefronts provide powerful and often simple eCommerce solutions that allow you to sell a product or service online. While there are hundreds of eCommerce platforms out there all promising to have you up and selling products quickly, the reality is it is difficult to setup a professional looking online store quickly and easily and effectively market your product. There is a ton of eCommerce competition out there, and you need to know which ecommerce platform will work best for your product.

First off, eCommerce these days is mobile. It’s critical to eCommerce website success that your online store is mobile device friendly. According to Business Insider, 59% of time spent on eCommerce sites is on a mobile phone. While the purchases doesn’t necessarily happen on the mobile device, the browsing does, and having an online store that looks professional on a mobile device is imperative for sales growth. Also, since users abandon the shopping cart more on mobile devices, integrating sales tools that reaches out again to those customers is a key to eCommerce success.

Most eCommerce platforms allow you to add products, track orders and shipping, integrate bookkeeping software (i.e. Quickbooks), and build customer loyalty. Adding & Organizing products should be simple and showcase stunning photography that appears great on all devices. Tracking orders should be simple and allow quick and painless ways to issue discounts and refunds. And providing a storefront that is easy and intuitive builds Customer loyalty, which is one of the most powerful ways to boost sales in the long-term. Customer loyalty programs can include reward programs, discounts and gift cards, email marketing, and membership options.

More advanced platforms offer 3rd party integrations via apps or tools. There are apps that send emails to users who Abandon the Shopping Cart, apps that encourage upselling or create an affiliate marketing program that can help increase sales, apps that integrated various social media features, apps that provide advanced shipping features and integrate with distributors, apps that help with accounting, and apps that improve your customer service. All of these pieces are vital to an online stores success, and our eCommerce experts can assist in integrating the right features for your store.

While there are lots of great platforms that we support, such as Magento and WooCommerce for WordPress, our favorite is Shopify.


Shopify is an ecommerce platform designed for the simple and intuitive management of your website. Our Shopify experts will set up your online store to compete with and outperform similar platforms like woocommerce, wix, and squarespace. We also have experience with a host of Shopify apps and integrations. Learn More about Shopify as an eCommerce/Online Store solution.

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Most Ergo Shopify Website
Pushkin's Bakery Website Screenshot
RevoLights Responsive Shopify eCommerce Website


Need a new online store or have an existing one that needs a new design or needs to be migrated to a new platform? We can help! Tell us a little about your website and we'll schedule a time to talk more.

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