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Website Design Process

Our website designs include multiple home page and multiple inner page concepts (typically 3-6) and include how the design will adjust for various screen sizes including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. We follow all the latest in design trends and web technologies to build out impressive designs while also maintaining an understanding of what pieces of the design need to adjust to your business' branding and your industry.

Website Design Process Diagram

3 General Web Design Steps

1 Checklist of likes and dislikes

Likes & Dislikes

Most of our clients don't know exactly what they want, but they have other websites and design work that they do like. We love to see these examples and hear exactly what it is that you do and do not like out there so that we can come up with a basic idea of where to begin the design process. In this stage we also gather information about your business to help with the design.

2 Website Wireframe


The next step is to figure out a basic structure of where we present your website's key pieces. This step helps ensure your site's most important content will be presented well on the home page while also giving the site a consistent look for all inner pages. Wireframes are not as much about designing and more about creating a blueprint for the site.

3 PSD Mockup Layout

PSD Mockups

The final step in design is to create a visual structure that includes different color schemes we can select (typically matching your logo or other branding colors), photo placement ideas, typography recommendations, and written content suggestions. From here we can easily revise the design and provide our development team all they need once the design is finalized.

After Design Comes Development

4 Website Development Process

Likes & Development

After the design process our development teams steps in to take the PSD Mockup and bring it into the code. We turn vectorized images in SVG files to maintain the highest image quality and scalability. Our team of front-end developers add parallax and animation effects based on current modern design trends. We also seek out high quality photography and custom fonts when it fits.

5 Review Website Edits

Review & Edits

Although we are very confident in our designers and front-end developers, we do understand that you might have some changes you want to see before going live. We won't hold you to the your website draft down to every small detail - our team is flexible and we will continue to make edits so that your website is the masterpiece you envisioned.

6 Going Live with Website

Go Live

When everything looks good we will go live. When we go live we link your website with Google Analytics and Google Search Console (formerly called Google Webmaster Tools) so you can monitor your website's performance. We will also purchase an SSL certificate to keep your website secure, which also helps it rank better in Google.


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