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Website Design Project for Desert Streams Counseling

Desert Streams Counseling needed a simple, yet stunning, single page website to help their clients in Colorado Springs locate them and contact them. Our team used bootstrap to implement a website matching the needs of the client while adding fully responsive features and subtle animation effects.

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Website Design & Client Information

Desert Streams Counseling is a small counseling business located in Colorado Springs, CO and seeks local business.

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Website Design
for Counseling Business in Colorado Springs

The client did not have an existing website and did not need to display a ton of information to his clients. A simple one-page website design was preferred, but the client still wanted to impress his viewers and display a high level of professionalism. The time and budget on the project was tight, so a quick implementation was preferred.

Website Solution

Our team used bootstrap and subtle animation effects to quickly create a single-page website with animated scrolling that was fully responsive and visually stunning. The website only displays the content the client needed to show his viewers, which was primarily where he was located and how to contact him.

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